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Ah the joys of sidekiq catching up after a few days. Instance moved to the new server tho, so that's nice.

Unapologetic horniness for the cold war era is not the vibe I was expecting in 2022, but that's been the flavor of the week


There's a few other phrases like that but I'm saving them for my podcast when I finally have one. (IOW, when podcasts are completely passe' and everyone else has gone back to MySpace to competitively sing their fave manifestos karaoke-style.)

I categorically reject any implication that I ever bothered to figure out what mincecroft even is. This poster's instance is obviously some kind of front for Neoliberalism.

Working as a developer doesn't mean you're smashing keys on your keyboard for 8 hours straight.

It's thinking, learning, experimenting, communicating, reading, trying, exploring, scribbling, and probably a dozen other things. Then, for just a couple minutes each day, you actually type some code.

Chicken meta 

@bort Brahmas eating cornflakes & yes I had them all huddled together to greet me this afternoon at around sunset.

the thing you need to understand about Jar Jar is that he is the key to all of this

off to a good start with the massive garden i'm building

laid down all the grass, did the walls and ceiling, and built an awesome fountain

here's how it looks so far

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Wotan does not understand why you would ever turn the vacuum on. It's a horrible, scary thing but also he would like to play with the cord


i have never once caught anyone on the flipside. i always say i will but i never follow through

If you don't do what Loki wants he will get onto the dresser and knock the tissue box on the floor, yes, he will. And he will stop and check that you're watching when he does it. There. You wanted the tissue box on the dresser but now it is on the floor. Take that, human.

cats being predators 

"Now me, I'm a reasonable cat but my boy, Loki, here, he gets a little impatient. Especially with squealers..."

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