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cats being predators 

"Now me, I'm a reasonable cat but my boy, Loki, here, he gets a little impatient. Especially with squealers..."

cats being predators 

So somehow a lizard got inside and Wotan and Loki did what cats do, they captured it and fucked with it for their amusement. Wotan seemed to be in charge of the situation. At first I thought it was dead so I let them go but then it moved and i got it from them and tossed it outside. they are both still looking around for it

NEW podcast - I discuss the ulterior motives and background of the individuals behind the push for "neurorights" at the national and international level and why it's more about making new markets than protecting our rights.

The podcast is available now for supporting members and Rokfin subscribers, and will be publicly available in a few days.

Coming up on two weeks without putting a single bit of nicotine in my body.

Hecc yeah.

food, bad and very american decisions 

its so wrong that i can order like an entire liter of blue raspberry slushie with like half a pound of rainbow nerds candy in it

and yet its so delicious

there's Wotan fur EVERYWHERE it's on EVERYTHING you're probably covered in Wotan fur RIGHT NOW

there's Wotan fur everywhere. it's everywhere and it's on everything. if my calculations are correct the entire planet will engulfed in Wotan fur in less than seventeen hours

Dragged out half the shit that's been in my backyard for like 4 years. Small victories. Fuck I hate moving. 😭

#MutualAid help request roof 

Ways to help
1. if you or someone you know is a lawyer licensed in Missouri, help me to fight the USDA.
2. Donate directly to help me pay to get my roof fixed
3. If you or someone you know is a roofer who would do this for free or in return for a some of a few hundred varieties of edible nongmo plant seeds- come/send them.
4. Send a 3story tall scaffold & winch (I'd still be risking my life but it would give me a decent chance)

(*Please understand that my & my husband moving out is absolutely not an option.)

Birdie site mess 

@bort @MalkaBeth

Trying to fix the roof is classist. ;) I heard it on Rogan's show.

Chicken raising/feeding 

@bort sharing now more - some of the Brahmas eating the banana I gave them today...

Birdie site mess 

@xenophora @bort maybe I shouldn't feel celebratory on this, but I really do - all the stuff of mine that was getting surpressed vs the few things that were allowed to be sizably seen & shared - for a solid 6-9 months my "range" in number of people has been so small that if we lived in the same apartment building - a set of 12 cans & strings could've been basically used to replace Twitter 🤪

Birdie site mess 

@MalkaBeth @bort

Can_With_String would be a great platform name. I'm just sayin'.

Thank you to everyone for supporting my music. It means so much to me to have you in my corner

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🎉 obs-cli v0.5.0 is out! 🎉

What's new?

- Added a command to control the replay buffer

- 'scene get' to display the currently active scene

- 'sceneitem visible' to display the visibility of a set of scene items

Grab your copy here:

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