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lots of nerdy music talk from me today so here’s Kitt sleeping beside me

Chick meta 

In the foreground @bort Cornel Sanders (Light Brahma with a gray leg band) has nodded in agreement on his name-b4 flying from the rim here of his pen- over to the chicken wire I have &often use to cover their pen😂. They're all 5-7in long& 10-13inch tall now.

Wednesday 1/12: STOP Scab Amazon In San Francisco! End Slave Labor & Union Busting By Bezos

@bort this chick (a 3 week old female Dark Chicken) wants to thank you for the heater reccomendation & I want to thank the chicks for their continued entertainment.

Chicken growing update 

"There's nothing here but us chickens." @bort This morning it occurred to me that at this point they really do just look like small chickens, some are even sounding like adults at this point.

#RC3 and its #RC3World is TODAY! (whenever the tickets get issued...)


Come for the thrilling adventure through the forest, the prison, the mountain and much more, with its numerous NPC and dialogs...

Stay for the self-organised sessions, the warm and meaningful chat, the streams, and... all the rest! <3


Chick meta - brazen brahma's 

@bort this has happened 3 times tonight so far 🙃🤪 silly baby boy....

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@bort This arrangement finally seems to have them calm, neither freezing, nor boiling nor fighting each other because they're overcrowded.... Heat lamp about 1 foot over both bins- to warm them both at the same time.

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@bort I picked it & the Dark brahma chick with it, the chick moved a little.. it's about 91 in there..

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Background image is part of this - how exactly do I check the brooder's temperature, when I've got a bird actually & fully sitting on it ? @bort credit where it's due - these chicks definitely do give added comedy here

@bort slowly cruising over several major earth cities, attracting more and more live news coverage then slowly cruising over the canal and dropping right in

if aliens ever want to do something super fucking hilarious to Earth, they should crash a giant ship so that it blocks the Suez Canal

i hope everyone who’s ever hurt my feelings has a very go fuck yourself

In Which I Down A Poisoned Smoothie Which Results In The World's Worst X-Mas Joke 

🎶 "Elon got run over by an Uber

On a stroll to Papa's emerald mine.

You'll soon find some other putz to worship

Dry your tears, you losers

You'll be fine..." 🎶

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