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@Taweret @ratwithscarf no Wotan, please don't forsake your duties as president of mastodon to become head of state for a worse place

@bort oh yes, I've memorized almost every one of the 400 pages of a handbook they have on this process - so at this point if I'm denied- I'll setup a complaint set that'll be at least 2 pages long on their problems, in bullet points alone.🙃 I'm mean I'd rather avoid the DOJ with mostly ADA breaches buuut I've had enough & if I'm cold I'll at least set a legal fire on them!

It still trips me out that T-Mobile home 5g internet is like 4x faster than what I had on Comcast, and like half the price.

In short, fuck you Comcast.

Yay, almost done packing up this stupid ass ruby gem. I'll throw up a link on my code repo once I'm done.

It uses youtube-dl to add your youtube channel vids as wordpress posts. I originally wrote this for Ghost, but the lack of decent search was a deal breaker. If there is any interest, I'll package that one up too.

Needs more error handling but whatevers, it works 😆

Will have my understrap child theme done real soon too that displays the videos nicely.

Posts about the MCU hit different when you associate the name Loki with @Taweret cat instead of Tom Hiddleston...

Allow me to introduce Cecile Han, a snide raccoon who has recently acquired a marvelous frisbee... in the Twilight Zone.

Candy Mention 


I think my all-time favorite from the original run is Micro-Golf. 🔬 ⛳

@SeanAloysiusOBrien he was pretty sure Loki had come here to steal his family

Loki is looking out the window watching some weeds blow around in the wind and every time the wind dies down and the weeds stop moving, he screams

he's screaming at the wind because it stopped

Loki the Cat is Raging at Nature Itself

opening a hipster restaurant that only serves meme foods

gonna call it Cronch

Wotan would like to tell you about his new cryptocurrency Wotanbucks :wotan:

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