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Happy 25th Anniversary, KDE! 🎉

So proud of this community and everything we achieved in the last quarter of a century. Here's to the next 25 years!

I designed this with Inkscape and made it with laser using old spare pieces of wood that were in the trash at work. Still proud of it.

You: in his DMs

Me: knowing what he did last summer

Mulan the sleeping girl.

Also a bonus wearing the hat I crocheted for her while I was on holiday :blobmiou: #catterday

mom: "are you busy hardcore gaming? is your KDP d2d MVP high?"
me: "I'm playing Tetris."

I think someone new moved into our neighborhood and brought along 3 cats. There's one tuxie I've been seeing for a week. But this morning there were also a cow cat and a panther just strolling across the side yard & through a gap in the neighbors' gate like they were in a mini-parade. Big cats, and they look healthy, so hopefully they're fixed and not strays.

(El Sid has not seen them yet, but he hangs out by the window a lot, so I suppose it's just a matter of time.)

its simple, my wife likes flowers in the apartment so i buy her flowers for the apartment

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