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But don't want to frantically clean for 6 hours 😭

Oh god. I didn't feel the need to hit skip on Rush. I'm turning into my dead mother. 😭

Bitch w/ Comrade Misty.
ladies of Fred Hampton Leftists
Misty Winston of MCSC Network
Sabrina, Afeni & Meg

i might have to feed into hustle culture solely so i can buy a house and lessen my chances of having to move

Dropping my little obsidian graph for the 3 people here who are interested in that sort of thing. I got the android app recently, lost my folder of rust notes somehow (probably because I used git poorly), but overall have had a great time taking notes on my thoughts.


You ever try eating a waffle... on WEED?

News: the moon's going to kill everyone

Me: I can't feel anything anymore but thanks

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