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which is the mightier bean sauce

Facts On The Ground
Misty Winston & Jesse Zurawell
Danny Sjursen
on AFRICOM's Continuing Imperial Misadventures
Watch free on #Rokfin

once upon a time there was a cat who screamed and screamed and screamed and he didn't want anything but he screamed anyway and never stopped. the end

rage against the machine until the machine pays you enough to stop raging, then retire and get angry at young people as a part of the machine

Introducing Daisie Mehta, a humble sheriff. She is about to wake up all alone at a pharmacy covered in artichoke hearts... in the Twilight Zone.

haf: the Little Cat is having a hard time figuring out if she should stay or if she should go.

the husband: I didn't know she was a fan of the Ramones.

haf: [sort of strangled squeak noise]

the husband: I mean, the Clash.

I watch Legend of the Seeker S1E1 "Prophecy" 

I did watch this show when it was first on. I honestly don't remember if I saw the whole series or not but I do remember it all being very cheesy and problematic

so anyway this was made in 2008?? after LOTR anyway because its shot in new zealand because high fantasy worlds look like new zealand because LOTR

@bort Got a week in twitmo for posting published studies & NIH reports, as "disinformation"

Allow me to introduce Adolphus Herring, he is about to witness an act which will forever change him as his neighbor calmly applies pure lard to his steak... in The Twilight Zone.

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