Sign and share if you can, help my comrade pls! He shouldn't be in this situation, we are trying to get the courts to show mercy on our brother.


Can’t get this kind of content anywhere else

Loki sees a squirrel out the window. it's tremendously exciting

@xenophora @amylsacks

As long as he doesn't get outside to become coyote food or a deer's kicking practice, I'm good with whatever he wants to watch ;)


Btw, Nibbler does not like the transition to being an inside cat. 😆 😭


All of those things. Been running it as my daily driver for 25 years.

food, dad joke, star trek reference 

who needs borg cubes when you have borg triangles


All due respect to Philly people here, but we are enemies tonight

Palpatine power walks around the Death Star every morning

New #MST3k drops in just a few moments on the #Gizmoplex with brand-new co-host Emily Marsh!! 🥳 🚀

please remember to not only tip your admin and mods,

but support the people who fight to make the fedi a safer place

marcia was a Big part in helping to establish the FediBlock tag with me, which so many people use to coordinate and block bad actors and malicious instances

please help out her GFM or subscribe, buy a print, or just tip and the various links in the bio @CaribenxMarciaX

ty for all u do 💖

(my links are pinned on my profile)

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