Yay, done with server hell. The old expensive server has been deleted and all my shit moved over. 🎉

I want the 4 days of my life back tho.

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TY :) I got it done and cut my server bill to 1/4 of what it was. Huge victory for my poor behind hehehhhe.

I just really hate server admin work. I'm good at it, but I'd rather do literally anything but that :)

@bort 👍👍glad indeed that it's done then. I'm somewhat closing things socially on Twitter- with being a little bolder on explaining within SpoonieChat why I really can't stay long.. The diversity of the disabled community (Among others) having been stripped away by censorship & likwise no talk on technology security & privacy- when it comes to disabled & all the new technology.


I definitely don't blame you there. I haven't been on there in almost a month and it's been nice on my mental health.

Requested a backup of my posts and shit and plan on deleting once I can download that.

@bort yeah - I have to figure out my password again- then after that's done.... overall I'm guessing my birthday gift to myself will be deleting that account of mine.

@bort and by then basically being on wisteria or something similar, beyond here, minds, element & substack.


Or I just will continue to not use the account. I'm over that place tho. It's a hostile shit show.

@bort yeah - Sunday Danie will help me setup Stardew valley & as she's one of only 2 or 3 people I even somewhat regularly interact with who remain on there -- all I need is to basically get busy on other things. Roof fixed will allow so many other things to start it's ridiculous- so I definitely won't be short on tasks.

@bort captioning videos ...learning the house,.. fixing plumbing... redoing electric system... hydroponic setup finishing...and others.

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