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By day I get elbow deep in computer guts looking like πŸ€“, by night I play in Vampire Freaks acclaimed band Cradle of DILF in the suburbs

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rise of Skywalker didn't even let us know Rey's feelings on sand.

does she love it? hate it? have complex emotions about it?

we may never know

*cops theme music* Bad boys bad boys
Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
when it's time to poo...

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gonna call it Coruscant Cops: Stillsuitin' After All These Years

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buddy cop movie with Anakin Skywalker and Paul Atreides. can this mismatched pair of dickhead space wizards recover the stolen Spice and save Coruscant without driving each other crazy?

also one of them poops their pants

and its Paul

Paul poops his pants

Hello, I just made a post over on my Patreon page providing some updates on my plans for music in the future, given this new job of mine. Take a gander if you like


Ayn Rand III will have to find herself some other Fedi-pals.

But I don't wanna have tendonitis again. 😭

I forgot how much this shit hurts.

update: Loki wanted in the room so he could jump up in my lap and be cuddled for approx. one minute then he wanted out of the room again

was trying to think of some sort of joke combining the Five Eyes intelligence alliance and the Five Guys burger chain but i'm too lazy so just imagine that i tooted such a joke and it was very funny and you enjoyed it

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