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i'm super into the subtle reshaping of the land that makes everything look so much more natural? those look like real hills! not weird jagged lumps lmao

help a black trans woman's family pay for her funeral costs

Help B get to Paradise from this terrible tragedy

Thank you to everyone boosting, donating and cross posting/boosting the GFM

means so much that people care and are helping.

"Lupita is a queer, Caribbean writer and student who is fleeing an emotionally and physically abusive relationship overseas. She’s currently managed to scrape together enough for a ticket back to the U.S. ..."

Read more, pls boost/donate!

filtering vaccine out my damn timeline cause ya'll wanna put people in camps.

FFS, go fuck yourselves. Un-follow me if you wanna put people in fucking camps. That's been tried a few times, turned out great.

Scowling At LeTube: Ch. 2,387 

Sat up in the small hours with a major allergy attack. What is it about that time of day which makes the algorithim double down on trying to push THE most intensely obnoxious RWing and/or scammer woo-woo "psychic" shit at me? Fuck you, Assholes I'm trying to watch cat videos and #mst3k clips here! 🖕 Hope you get into a bad batch of holiday leftovers and die.



Nov 27 @10pm eastern (3am UTC)

#christmastodon kicks off with the Star Wars Holiday Special

it's on which is free and has no ads

please watch and live toot it with us. all the cool kids are doing it

(also if you don't want to and i don't know you anyway, maybe don't chime in idk just a thought)


i was never the best at presentation but it'll do 💛 all gluten free sharkcoochie

Cats got extra treats for Thanksgiving and Wotan wants to know when he gets more


Damn Fedi ruining the effect by having the mic facing the wrong way! I want my ten dollars back!!


next Saturday

Nov 27 @10pm eastern (3am UTC)

#christmastodon kicks off with the Star Wars Holiday Special

please watch and live toot it with us. its fun and everyone will think you're really cool if you do it

Just a heads up that there was a movie released in August starring John Travolta, directed by Fred Durst, that grossed $3,153 at the box office

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